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Letter from Lynda Cowan.


All Aboarders – Welwyn Garden City Station

Only 6 months ago the WGC Station Adoption Scheme was launched. Our first Gardening Party was in April. We have a lovely group of volunteer gardeners – a good

number from the WGC Horticultural Society – thanks to the Society for all the publicity. We have made enormous progress on the flat beds - cutting back the overgrown

hedges and shrubs and pruning the roses. It was exciting to expose previously unseen plants such as a witch hazel; prune the pine trees back so they now look so fine and see the results as the roses came into bloom. The culmination of our efforts was the unveiling of our first plant trough, the first of 12 troughs that will adorn the

station platforms. They are generously sponsored by Smart10 Recruitment, a local business based in Broadwater Road. A little before the unveiling a lady

came on the platform to catch a train and said "What a lovely flower trough - seeing that has made my day". This sums up completely what we want to achieve.

Any donations towards the purchase of plants or bulbs for the remaining 11 troughs

would be gratefully received or if you would like to join the team or offer any other help,

please contact me:lynda.cowan@virgin.net

or 01707 324723.














Sensory Garden – Knightsfield School for the Hearing Impaired.    After a request for help at our May meeting, we contacted the school where teacher Shula Berrington wants to reinstate the garden. we found the garden to be well structured with mature plants but it had become overgrown and neglected. Before the school summer holiday, we returned with a group of helpers and we started to tidy the beds. The plan is to create a pleasant and calm space for the children to use in their breaks. We will return in mid-September to start planting and to encourage the children to take responsibility for the garden as well as for it to be used to support the curriculum. We now require plants and bulbs suitable for a sensory garden and any donations would be much appreciated. Please bring them to the meeting in September.

If you would like to be involved please contact Wendy at wendy.hilton@btinternet.com.